Thursday, August 06, 2009

Collection of Posts & New Information on Vitamin D & Chronic Pain

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I've written a number of articles about the possible correlation between low Vitamin D levels and chronic pain. Some research even indicates there is a correlation between low Vitamin D levels and migraines. Since this is a rather hot topic I thought it might be useful to share the newest information and gather all my posts on the topic in one place so you can get a clearer picture of what is currently known.

In new information there is another study on the connection between Vitamin D levels and chronic pain and a study on Vitamin D levels in children.

A recent post on the Pain Topics blog discusses yet another study on Vitamin D levels and chronic pain. The author said the study provided little in the way of establishing a correlation between Vitamin D levels and pain. He also said that nearly 1 in 5 women in the study had Vitamin D levels within the optimal range, which may suggest that some people need higher levels of Vitamin D than what has generally been considered an acceptable minimum number.

Vitamin D Deficits Engender More Pain in Women?

According to an article published online by the journal Pediatrics, about 9% of children ages 1 to 21 have deficient levels of Vitamin D and 61% have less than normal Vitamin D levels. Even more worrisome is that Vitamin D deficiencies seem to be more common among children with darker skin. For instance, 59% of black teenage girls were deficient.

Millions of Children in U.S. Found to Be Lacking Vitamin D

The analysis and an accompanying federal study also found an association between low Vitamin D levels and increased risk for high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and a condition that increases the risk for heart disease and diabetes, known as the metabolic syndrome.

Taken together, the studies provide new evidence that low Vitamin D levels may be putting a generation of children at increased risk for heart disease and diabetes, two of the nation's biggest health problems that are also increased by the childhood obesity epidemic.

Here are the posts I've written in the past about Vitamin D and chronic pain.

Vitamin D and Pain
This is not exactly new information, but I recently read an article at my acupuncturist's office discussing the possibility that there may be a link between Vitamin D deficiency and chronic pain. Scientists speculate that lack of exposure to the sun may be the explanation for some people's low levels of Vitamin D.

News: Vitamin D Eases Chronic Pain
A review of 22 studies of chronic pain patients showed that most of them had low Vitamin D levels. The aches, pains, weariness and fatigue can all be improved by increasing the levels of Vitamin D in the body.

News: Chronic Migraineurs Lack Vitamin D
News coming out of the recent 50th Annual American Headache Society scientific meeting specifically shows this trend applies to people with chronic migraines.

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