Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Details of Sumatriptan Migraine Patch Study to be Released at IHS Meeting

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NuPathe, developer of the Sumatriptan migraine patch Zelrix, plans to release the full details of a late-stage study on this drug at the September meeting of the International Headache Society.

NuPathe Migraine Patch Works in Late-Stage Study

Zelrix treats migraine attacks by delivering the medication Sumatriptan (the same ingredient that is in Imitrex) through a patch applied to the skin.
This allows patients to avoid the nausea-related complications often experienced by migraineurs.

Pennsylvania-based NuPathe said in a statement that the patch showed a "statistically significant" improvement after two hours in pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound compared to people who used a placebo.

The trial included 530 patients. The most common side effects were itching, pain and tingling on the skin where the patch was applied. Most of these were mild and passed quickly.

NuPathe plans to apply for FDA approval of the drug in 2010.

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