Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Month of Migraines: Medical Appointments in the Works

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It feels like I've been waiting around forever for my next appointment with my local neurologist, Dr. C., which will finally happen on Thursday. In the meantime I've been working on getting some other appointments rolling.

I had my physical evaluation at The Lemons Center and a therapy appointment with my regular psychologist on Tuesday. I was even more impressed with
The Lemons Center. They so totally get it and some of them have been in my shoes. One was bedridden for 3-1/2 years and did the program, now she works there as a nurse. That blew me away. She also told me Dr. Lemons has dealt with chronic migraines and they were his impetus for developing this program.

I've planned a trip to go back to Dallas to see Dr. Krusz for next week. I have had a migraine every single day for more than 25 days straight. Nothing is helping. I'm able to treat them pretty well, but they keep coming back. It's definitely not medication overuse headache. I've had that and it was nothing like this. These are full blown migraines accompanied by excruciating bouts of occipital neuralgia and neck pain. The occipital neuralgia pain has been just about constant for this period of time. So much worse than ever. Hopefully some IV treatments in a concentrated period will help. My mom is driving me down. We plan to leave on Sunday and come home sometime Wednesday afternoon or evening.

In happier news my very good, dear friend Dulcinea and I are having dinner together tonight. Since she moved away a few years ago we just don't get enough time together. I can't wait!

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