Monday, August 03, 2009

Natural Depression Treatment Explored in 'The Depression Cure'

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A couple of years ago I first wrote about Dr. Steven Ilardi's six-step program for drug-free treatment of depression, the Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC). Now he has released a book, The Depression Cure, that outlines the steps of this approach.

The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression without Drugs by Steven Ilardi

Whether you prefer to treat your depression with medication (like me) or not, these steps can be helpful in successfully managing your condition. I have found that medication is an essential part of my treatment regimen, but so are the steps described by Ilardi. If you prefer not to take medication this might be a good solution for you. However, please, please, please with a cherry on top do not stop taking your medication, start taking any medication or supplement or undertake any treatment plan without consulting with your health care providers first.

Elements of TLC
(1) Aerobic exercise
(2) Adequate sleep
(3) Natural sunlight exposure
(4) Omega-3 fatty acid supplements
(5) Enhanced social interaction
(6) Increased activity to prevent rumination (repetitive negative thoughts)
Some of these steps are much harder than others depending on your lifestyle and situation. For instance, I pretty much have the sleep thing under control after working with my doctors to come up with solutions for this issue, but social interaction is very difficult for me. I need to push myself harder on this one because I know it does me a world of good. How about you? Which of these practices come easier and which are harder for you?

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