Monday, September 28, 2009

Chronic Daily Headache Common Among Soldiers Experiencing Head Trauma

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According to a study presented at the International Headache Congress a few weeks ago many soldiers who experience head trauma are living with chronic daily headache.

Chronic Daily Headache is Prevalent Among Soldiers with Mild Head Trauma

The study, conducted at the Traumatic Brain Injury Program at Fort Lewis, Washington, identified soldiers who had been diagnosed with concussion, head injury or blast exposure after returning from Iraq or Afghanistan in the past three months. These soldiers were asked to complete a 13 question survey, which was reviewed in addition to their medical records.

The study authors learned those with chronic daily headache experienced an average of 23 days of headache a month while those without chronic daily headache experience about five days of headache a month. The patients with chronic daily headache
most often experienced migraines as opposed to other types of headaches. They were almost twice as likely to begin experiencing headaches within one week of concussion or blast exposure and to experience concussions resulting in loss of consciousness. They were also significantly more likely to experience post traumatic stress disorder and to have been exposed to blasts within 60 feet.

Since chronic headaches can result in impaired functioning, the study authors hope bringing attention to this problem will help doctors know which of their patients may be dealing with chronic headaches due to head trauma.

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