Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Constant Head Pain: Accepting My New Reality

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Just a month ago I thought my head pain was set in a distinct pattern of three or four days of migraine a week and occipital region and neck pain. It had been that way for years. Now I'm coming to terms with the reality that my head has changed things up and not for the better.

The occipital neuralgia pain has become much more intense and constant. I'm experiencing a migraine attack every single day. I'm coming to realize I can count myself among those unlucky few who are never without significant head pain.

I went to Dallas hoping I'd come home feeling remarkably better. I do feel a little bit better, but mostly the trip showed me my head pain has become more entrenched than I had realized.

Dr. Krusz came up with a new preventative strategy for me, which we're implementing right now. I have been accepted into the comprehensive behavioral pain management program at The Lemons Center and expect to start there in a few weeks. The medication changes might help, and I feel confident the behavioral pain management program will. But I still resent my head for getting even worse when I'm trying so hard to make it better.

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