Monday, September 21, 2009

Teri Robert's Interview with Cindy McCain, Migraineur & New Celebrity Advocate

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In case you haven't already seen it I want to make sure all my readers have the opportunity to read Teri Robert's fantastic interview with our newest celebrity migraine advocate Cindy McCain at My Migraine Connection. Teri had the opportunity to interview Cindy at the International Headache Congress where Cindy gave the keynote address.

Interview with Cindy McCain: Migraine Sufferer, Advocate

Color me insanely jealous that Teri had the opportunity to do this interview, but also incredibly grateful. She did a wonderful job, as always. Although Cindy lives a different lifestyle than most of us, Teri did a fabulous job illustrating how much she's like every single one of us who lives with migraines.
Mrs. McCain's main Migraine triggers include changes in barometric pressure, odors such as strong fragrances, and disturbed sleep and meal schedules. In addition to her wouldn't-be-caught-dead-without sunglasses, a couple of comfort items she takes with her are ice packs and a gift from a woman in Virginia - a hand-made warming item that she can warm in the microwave and drape around the back of her neck.

It must have been incredibly difficult to be out there on the campaign trail with little sleep, irregular meals and those bright lights and loud crowds at events. I can't even imagine!

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