Thursday, October 15, 2009

Arkansas Football Player Who Suffered Stroke Had History of Migraines

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The news about a collegiate student athlete suffering a stroke thought to be related to a history of migraine attacks is scary stuff for those of us living with this disease. Arkansas football player Joe Adams suffered what his coach called a "mild stroke" sometime last week after a series of unrelenting headaches. According to news reports the stroke was discovered when he was given an MRI at the team's training facility.

If you're not a rabid college football fan like me, and I think it's safe to assume some of your aren't, you may not have heard about Joe's situation. We don't know many details about what happened in this specific case, but we do know that a migraine lasting longer than 72 hours puts migraineurs at increased risk for stroke. This is called status migraine or status migrainous. If you ever experience a migraine that goes past this point, please do not underestimate the importance of asking your physician to intervene to break the cycle. For more information on this topic, I highly recommend Teri Robert's article: What is Status Migrainous?

News reports indicate Joe is doing very well. I hope this continues for him and that he doesn't suffer any lasting effects from this situation. Any good fan knows how much players love the game, so I hope he might be able to return to the field this season, too.

Headaches Lead to Adams' Stroke
Adams Suffered 'Mild Stroke'

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