Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Marrying for Health Insurance

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I loved this Newsweek column about a woman whose boyfriend timed his marriage proposal to coincide with her need for health insurance after her MS diagnosis because I can easily relate to their situation.

On Bended Knee, With a Very Low Copay
My boyfriend's proposal was more about my need for health care than our shared romance.

My husband and I decided to get married when we did because we knew I would no longer be on my parents' health insurance once I turned 25. At that time I still had a little more than a semester of law school and a summer studying for the bar before I would be able to start working and get health insurance through an employer. I certainly wouldn't suggest anyone get married just to get health insurance unless there was a life threatening or otherwise serious illness involved, but the timing worked well for us and relieved a major potential stressor from my life. Unfortunately we're back at the point where I have to rely on him for my health benefits because I'm unable to work and not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare (yet). The situation has kept him at a crappy second job, but I feel very lucky he's willing to do this for me.

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