Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Inflammation in Migraine Brains Identified By PET Imaging

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Researchers have identified inflammation in the brain cells of migraine patients by examining their brains using positron emission tomography (PET), a noninvasive imaging technique that allows doctors to see our organs and tissues in 3D.

The only other way to examine the brain in this detail is by using brains of the deceased, so PET imaging provides a unique opportunity to examine the brains of living migraine patients.
It is hoped this information about inflammation of brain cells will give researchers more insight into the causes of migraine and other neurological disorders and help them develop better treatments. Researchers also hope this information might lead to an objective method of diagnosing migraines and assessing the effectiveness of migraine treatments.

Of importance, however, is that this study was conducted on rats using an animal model of migraine. While the information is still exciting, it may be some time before it can be applied to humans in any way that provides us with new methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Molecular Imaging Pinpoints Inflammation in Brains of Migraine Patients
PET Scan

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