Friday, May 28, 2010

New Migraine Prevention Strategy: An Update on My Dallas Trip

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My appointment with my migraine specialist in Dallas was every bit as fantastic as I hoped it might be. They spent 5 hours with us going over my symptoms and discussing the options still available given what we've already tried. It's such a great feeling to be heard and treated by a doctor who is truly passionate about your disease.

I am starting the anti-seizure medication Vimpat as a preventative again. I had started it in the fall and quit for some unknown reason. I'm pretty sure it was nothing more than a depressive episode, which always seems to make it difficult for me to stay on track with my medications.

When I told them I was having sleep problems again despite using Zanaflex to try to get on a regular schedule the doctor suggested trying a different medication called Baclofen. I hope it helps because this business of bad sleep is wearing me down something awful.

I'm continuing with the Ketamine nasal spray and supposed to try to pay attention to whether it helps with the non-migraine pain I've been experiencing, such as muscle, joint and nerve pain. The doctor also said Ketamine can help reduce opioid tolerance, which is helpful for people like me with chronic pain who rely on opioids for relief of breakthrough pain.

We will probably add the medication Savella as an additional preventative 4 to 6 weeks down the road after I've given the Vimpat a chance to do its thing. You may have heard of this as one of the newest medications for treating fibromyalgia. He gave me samples of both medications, which is always nice when you're trying something new that isn't available in generic form.

Finally, I'm going to go back on the pain medication Ultram ER to see if that will help with the major muscle, joint and nerve pain I've been experiencing for the past eight to ten months. I'm hopeful it might have a positive impact because that additional pain has been a lot to bear and kept me incapacitated even when my head was handling things relatively okay.

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