Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Try Aspirin for a Mild Migraine

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For most moderate and severe migraines your best bet is usually to see a doctor and get a prescription for a migraine-specific treatment medication, such as a triptan (Imitrex, Relpax, Zomig, etc.). However, research indicates that aspirin may be an effective treatment for mild migraine attacks.

When combined with 10 mg of prescription anti-nausea medication Reglan (metoclopramide), aspirin performed as well as a 50 mg dose of Imitrex (sumatriptan). However, a 100 mg dose of Imitrex performed slightly better than the Reglan and aspirin combination. The side effects associated with use of aspirin were fewer than those associated with the use of Imitrex, but greater than those associated with placebo.

Trying aspirin as a migraine treatment has some obvious advantages. It is inexpensive and does not require a prescription. Particularly for people without insurance it can be incredibly burdensome to try to pay for an office visit in order to get the medications you need.

One important note of caution: children should never be given aspirin because of a risk of developing Reye's Syndrome. Always check with your doctor before giving yourself or anyone else a new medication.

Have you had any success using aspirin to treat your mild migraine attacks?

Aspirin With or Without Antiemetic for Acute Migraine Headache in Adults

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