Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer & Migraines

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Summertime and my migraines just don't mix. I don't want to say I hate summer because I love so many things about it. The problem is that my body hates it.

I generally have to spend most of the day inside in air conditioning or I'll get a terrible migraine. Sometimes that's not even enough. You see, it's not just the heat that's miserable in this part of the country. We have horrible humidity, contrary to popular belief. We're talking South Florida bad. One day recently it was 85% humidity. I stopped looking after that.

On Sunday the husband and I drove to his parents' house about three hours away. I was fine in the car because we had the air conditioning up very high and I was quite comfortable. My in laws made a major effort to cool their house, but after being there a while it got to be too much. Despite the central air conditioning and a window unit in the living room, my body got really upset and the conditions brought on a monstrous migraine. This is typical of my experiences in the summertime, but I didn't have any triptans to use because my new Medicare Part D prescription plan required a prior authorization on my Imitrex StatDose injections. It took more than a week to get all that done. So a migraine I probably could have knocked out within 30 minutes lasted a full two days of agony. After having the same thing happen earlier last week, I was feeling very sorry for myself this past weekend.

I used pain medication, muscle relaxers and antinausea medications like I'm supposed to and practiced my mindfulness. While all of these helped, I really needed something to knock out the attack.

I wish I lived closer to the ocean (we're about as far away from an ocean as possible in this part of the United States). As a runner up option I wish I had a huge backyard with a beautiful pool, huge umbrellas and lots of cold drinks. Brought to me by hot guys. Who fan me and don't speak unless spoken to.

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