Monday, July 26, 2010

10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

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(1) I'm extremely, to the max grossed out by hair. Even thinking about it like I am right now makes me incredibly nauseated.

(2) I have to have the volume on the TV or radio set on an even number. It makes me super crazy if it's not, which my husband loves to play on just for his own entertainment. Nice, huh?!

(3) My husband was the first nice guy I dated. I mean, I dated guys who were nice as friends, but not in relationships. Cliff was the first guy I dated who treated me great as a girlfriend. He's a wonderful husband, too, as my long time readers already know.

(4) I'm addicted to reality TV. Name just about anything out there, and I probably watch it. The Real Housewives series? Yes. Bridezillas? Of course. Who could miss all that ridiculous, rude, self-centered BS. Project Runway, The Amazing Race, Intervention? Three of my favorites! In my defense I've given up a lot of shows I used to watch, including American Idol. Yawn.

(5) I miss having a reason to dress up and do my makeup. It did become burdensome as my health declined when I was still trying to work, but it was nice to put together fun, professional outfits and feel confident about my appearance.

(6) I worry I'll never get to be pregnant or become a mom.

(7) I'm a huge politics and public policy junkie. When I was still working I was an attorney for state government, and I miss having a front row seat for all the action. I didn't always agree with the decisions they made, but I loved being part of all of it and helping the legislators do their work.

(8) I love college football and basketball. I'm a total fanatic. So much so that I watched ESPN College GameDay on my wedding day while my bridesmaids and I were getting ready. It's one of the main interests my husband and I share.

(9) I'm a Mac fanatic. I've been working on Macs since grade school, and they are the only type of computer I've ever owned. My MacBook is like a fifth appendage. I feel lost without it and take it almost everywhere I go.

(10) I was reluctant to start using e-mail, now I'm a total Internet junkie. Obviously I blog, but I also Tweet, Facebook, hang out on message boards with an awesome, tight knit group of other women, get almost all my news online, hunt for book recommendations and track what I've read on Goodreads, listen to music and news and many other activities. I don't know what I'd do without the Internet, and it's hilarious to me that I only started using e-mail when I had to in order to communicate with other staff members at the student newspaper in college.

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