Thursday, July 15, 2010

Special Event: My Plan of Attack was Successful

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My husband and I went to the wedding of a good friend from college this past Saturday. I tried to put the advice I've shared with all of you into practice in getting myself ready for the wonderful event. All things considered the results were worth the extra planning and forethought. I felt confident and put together, which is pretty rare these days. (In the photo is our great friend Sarah, me and my husband Cliff. Love you & miss you, SAF!)

My outfit was completely ready to go and I'd tried it on to a few days ahead to make sure everything worked the way I'd planned. That was a big thing checked off my list. I also selected comfortable, cute sandals with a flat heel for the wedding in hopes this would help me have a good time all the way through the reception without my body saying enough and shutting down my good time.

I was incredibly stressed about fixing my hair. Doing my hair wears me out more than almost anything related to grooming and getting ready. I should have scheduled an appointment to have my hair done, but I was trying not to spend that money. I was regretting it that day and I still am now. Even though I blew it dry and straightened it with a flat iron, my hair simply refused to cooperate. The humidity just killed it. It kept getting super frizzy and I was sweating an ungodly amount under all that hair. After the ceremony I put it up in a low bun and felt so much more comfortable.

I wasn't worried at all about doing my makeup because I feel very comfortable doing it, have a down pat routine in my brain and in my makeup bag and the steps I do (even for a night out) take very little time. I love every product in my bag and know how to exploit each one to get great results. My only challenge was that I couldn't stop sweating in the bathroom when I was trying to do my hair and then start my makeup. It was downright gross. I finally left the bathroom altogether to do my makeup so I could get it on without creating a big cakey, melted mess all over my face. As you can see in the photo, it turned out quite nice. And that was well into the evening with no touch ups! Thank you Bare Minerals.

The remaining looming challenge was the need remove the hair from my legs before the big event. I don't shave anymore because it is usually too exhausting. I've been using a newer form of Nair that doesn't smell very much at all and works great. I did that before my shower and it worked out perfectly. Anything that conserves my energy and makes grooming easier is perfect for my needs.

As I shared yesterday I had a bit of a mishap on the way home from the wedding, but everything was great during the earlier part of the day. We had a wonderful time with great friends and I felt well enough to truly enjoy myself. There's really not much more I could ask for.

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