Monday, August 09, 2010

August Headache & Migraine Blog Carnival: How Do You Cope with Your Headache Disorder?

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Welcome to the August 2010 Headache and Migraine Disease Blog Carnival.

The Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival has been created to provide both headache patients and people who blog about headaches with opportunities to share ideas on topics of particular interest and importance to us.

The theme of the August carnival is "How do you cope with your headache disorder(s)?" It seems like a simple question, but there is an almost endless list of little and big things we do every day to cope with our headaches and migraines. From chatting online with our chronic buddies to cuddling with our pets, every single piece of the coping puzzle is important. We can use each other as the great resources we are for knowing how to make our lives tolerable and even good despite our headaches and migraines.

Read on for this month's collection of posts.

Steph submitted How I Cope on a Bad Day posted at Head Wise Woman

Migrainista submitting Coping with a Migraine posted at Migrainista.

Teri Robert submitted My Methods for Coping with a Migraine posted at Putting Our Heads Together.

Betsy Blondin submitted How I Cope with Migraine Disease posted at Migraine Journey

Cindy Nelson submitted Please Do Not Disturb, Migraine Zone posted at Is It Me or What? I've Been Noticing....

I recently wrote this post about coping: 10 Little Things That Help Me Cope with Chronic Pain. 

Joseph Alban submitted The Greatest Acupressure Point for Headaches, posted at the Alban Acupuncture & Chinese Herb Clinic blog. I've used this technique before and found it quite helpful.

James Cottrill submitted Migraine and Food Allergy? New Study... posted at Headache & Migraine News.

I'm thrilled so many people were able to participate this time. Thank you for being part of the carnival and helping make it successful.

Submit your blog post to the September 2010 edition of the Headache and Migraine Disease Blog Carnival using our carnival submission form or by e-mailing your submissions to me by e-mail. The theme will be "Students and headache disorders - How have migraines & headaches affected your schooling? How has a headache disorder affected your school age child? How did you cope with balancing school and headaches or migraines?" Submissions are due by midnight on Friday, September 10. The September carnival will be published right here at Somebody Heal Me on Monday, September 13.

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