Monday, August 23, 2010

Medicare Prescription Update

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Things are looking up a bit with respect to my Medicare Part D situation, which I wrote about recently: Medicare Donut Hole. I've received a ton of good advice from you guys and I'm exploring those options, including getting help from the various drug companies that have programs.

I have coverage for my generic meds through my Medicare Part D plan, so ideally it should cover a significant portion of my generic Imitrex StatDose. My local neurologist always has samples of Zomig Nasal Spray to give away so I'm going to be more diligent about asking for them. I picked up some last week so I'm in good shape right now. Almost everything else I take is a generic, so I should be in good shape there.

That leaves me with two brand name drugs for which there is no generic available: Januvia and Vimpat. The Januvia is for my diabetes and PCOS. The Vimpat is for migraine prevention. If I still don't get any results with Vimpat in the next month or so I'll probably go off it. I need to discuss that with my doctor first, though. I also need to ask if they can send me some more samples. I want to stay on Januvia because it has been so helpful for me. It costs $200 a month, which is murder on our budget, but I think we'll be able to make it work.

In looking at my situation with a more critical eye things don't seem as bad as I thought they were. The money I'm paying out for my various Medicare plans has stretched our budget, but the prescription part seems like it will be far more manageable than I thought it would be when I was in panic mode.

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