Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Support Clean Drinking Water

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At BlogHer '10 I randomly stopped by part of the huge P&G display space on the Expo floor. I am familiar with the products they make. We use and really like some of them in our household. But I highly doubted I would blog about anything in their displays and didn't intend to spend any time there. Fortunately I stopped by anyway and began a conversation with a really nice man who told me about the P&G Children's Safe Drinking Water Program and their contest to encourage bloggers and their readers to help P&G give clean drinking water to people all over the world who need it. They are also offering a trip to Africa to the blogger who gets the most votes. I was quickly sold on participating.

I talk a lot about drinking plenty of water on this blog. Not only is it important for our health generally, but it is important for migraineurs specifically. It helps us prevent migraines when we stay hydrated and it helps us treat and cope with our migraines when we drink plenty of water during an attack. Yet I have never had to talk about where to find safe drinking water in all the times I have talked about consuming plenty of water. We tend to take clean drinking water for granted in the United States. Not to say that we don't have problems with poverty in our country because we do, but even the poorest of the poor in our country have access to an abundance of safe, clean drinking water. In many places in the world this is not true. Can you imagine how different life would be if we had to walk tens of miles to get clean water? How would this change our lives? We think we're tired at the end of the day now, but we honestly don't know from tired.

According to P&G:
  • Less than 1% of the world’s fresh water is readily accessible for direct human use.
  • Almost 1 billion people lack safe drinking water.
  • More than 1.4 billion children under age 5 die each year because of diarrheal diseases associated with contaminated drinking water—more than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. 
  • Every 20 seconds, a child in a developing country dies from a water-related illness.
  • Providing safe, clean, drinkable water can reduce deadly diseases by about 50%.
  • The daily per capita use of water in residential areas is: 350 liters in North America and Japan, 200 liters in Europe and 10-20 liters in sub-Saharan Africa. 
  • An American taking a 5-minute shower uses more water that the typical person living in a developing country slum uses in a day. 
  • Waterborne diseases remain the leading cause of illness and death in the developing world.

Please vote through the widget at the bottom of this post. I ask for your participation not because I really want the trip to Africa. To be perfectly honest I'm probably not healthy enough to accept it as much as I would love to. Rather, for each vote P&G will provide clean, healthy drinking water to people who would not otherwise have it. Could there be any easier way to support such a worthwhile cause? I certainly can't think of one. You are allowed to vote once a day, so I encourage you to do so to ensure we give as much safe water as possible to people who so badly need it. I will send out a reminder by email every day to people who would like to be reminded. If you'd like to be added to my list please send me an email at and I will add you. You will be able to unsubscribe any time by sending me an email at the same address.

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