Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Even Had Frozen Cocktails

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Las Vegas was a lot of fun. Not only was the Blog World health track well worth attending, but I connected with friends and had a lot of fun doing everything I had time to fit in around Las Vegas.

I had the pleasure of attending @ePatientDave's presentation at Blog World, which was as great as I'd expected. His story is incredibly inspiring. When he was diagnosed with stage IV cancer he put a detailed plan into place that helped him and his oncologist save his life. It's easy for me to relate to his reasons for being a speaker and health care advocate because I share them.

I also atttended a session where my lovely friend Amy Kiel (@abeeliever) and the fantastic Manny Hernandez of Tu Diabetes spoke. I was so proud of Amy for her bravery in sharing her mental health recovery story and how it put her on the road to becoming a mental health advocate. Manny's story was equally inspiring.

While in Las Vegas I also had the chance to visit the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, the only predator-focused aquarium in the world; see The Lion King musical, which was unbelievably wonderful; eat one of the best Mexican food meals of my life at Border Grill; see a great view of the strip and many famous hotels on an open top bus tour at night; and relax by the amazing beach and pools at Mandalay Bay. Not to mention the fact that I enjoyed many frozen cocktails with no noticeable increase in my migraine frequency. I'm telling you right now to try the Frozen Strawberry Margaritas at Border Grill and the frozen cocktails at Evening Call at Mandalay Bay (I recommend the watermelon and strawberry flavors). You won't be sorry.

Needless to say I dealt with some migraines and neck pain on my trip, and I had to pace myself because of my low energy level, but I got to do a lot of fun activities despite my limitations. Viva Las Vegas!

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