Monday, December 06, 2010

Percy Harvin Still Plagued By Migraines

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Despite hopes a sleep apnea diagnosis would control his migraine disease, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin continues to miss practices and games because of his migraine attacks. Although Harvin has missed just two games due to his migraine attacks (including Sunday's match against Buffalo), he continues to struggle to manage his unrelenting attacks.

Harvin grew up having migraines and like so many of us was able to manage them fairly well. At the start of this NFL season they became much more frequent and more difficult to treat. Then he was diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed a treatment for it that seemed to help a lot with his migraines, too.

When we first found out about Harvin's sleep apnea diagnosis and were told the CPAP treatments seemed to be helping, I must admit I felt a little jealous. Although I want good results for everyone living with migraines on any level, it can be hard not to feel jealous when someone finds a straightforward solution and can return to the things they love and need to be able to do. Unfortunately, as I pointed out at the time, sometimes a treatment that seems to target the main migraine culprit turns out to leave other triggers unaddressed. This seems to be the situation for Harvin.

Harvin no doubt has very bright medical minds working on his situation, but he still continues to deal with these brutal attacks. Many of us can relate to his situation. So many doctors, so many medications, so many treatments, both alternative and mainstream, but still no answers.

I think Harvin's situation provides a fantastic teaching moment for sufferers who are trying to explain to loved ones why it can be so difficult to find appropriate treatments. If someone like Harvin, with unlimited financial resources and access to the best medical treatment, is still struggling to manage his migraine attacks it is no wonder many others are, too. It is not just a matter of trying hard or being persistent or wanting to feel better. Science hasn't been able to meet our needs yet. Hopefully someday it will.

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