Monday, January 23, 2012

Narrowing the Search for a Local Migraine Specialist

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Since 2008 my best migraine care and treatment has come from Dr. Krusz in Dallas. While traveling seven hours each way for that high level of care has been more than worth it, the goal all along has been to find and build a relationship with a migraine specialist in my geographic area.

I've been working with a neurologist in my hometown, but he's not a migraine specialist and he's well past the limit of what he can do for me. The relationship is still worthwhile because he can get me in to the infusion center at the local hospital for IV treatments to break intractable migraines. But I'm still trying to find a true specialist in my area.

A while back a doctor who practices at the University of Kansas Medical Center spoke at a migraine support group meeting I attended, and I really liked her. She's knowledgeable and seemed like she would have an excellent bedside manner. Just the fact that she was willing to come to a support group to educate and encourage patients speaks volumes to me.

For a long time I was under the impression that she only sees children because she's also on staff at Children's Mercy Hospital. But I don't see any reason not to try to get a referral to see her. I saw a doctor for a while at KU Med right before I went to Dallas for the first time, but I grew discouraged because they only saw me once every three months and I was suffering so profoundly that I needed more intensive care like what I got at Dr. Krusz's clnic. I think this doctor may be the answer I've been looking for. And if I can't get in to see her I think a trip back to Dallas will be in my not so distant future. I would imagine Dr. K has new ideas for me because he always does.

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