Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Doctor's Office is No Place for Surprises: June DSMA Blog Carnival

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If we're lucky enough to build good relationships with our doctors and come to know them well over a few years, appointments with them can become blissfully routine. As long as our bodies cooperate.

The June DSMA Blog Carnival theme is: "Do you get nervous or stressed when you have to go to your endo/doc appointment? Why or why not? Be honest."

I usually don't get stressed much at all about seeing my doctor regarding my diabetes and other chronic conditions. I know what to expect: What my doctor will ask me, what I need to be prepared to tell her and what I want to ask her. But earlier this year my body threw us both for a loop. That made my anticipation of those appointments more nerve wracking.

Despite doing everything pretty much by the book and even losing some weight, my labs were crappy. My A1c was higher and apparently my cholesterol (very low density lipoproteins aka VLDL) was not good, either. I was bummed out and pissed off that I'd even come to have the testing done.

My doctor was empathetic. She tried to be encouraging every time I came in. Even though none of us was happy with those numbers, she said my behavior was right on. She said to keep up the good work and not to get down.

With a different kind of doctor I'd be extremely nervous for my next appointment in light of what happened at my last few appointments. I'd be ashamed that my numbers weren't better and feel guilty for not being a better patient. But she's so great at encouraging me in the right direction that seeing her is not a source of fear at all. I feel very lucky.
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