Monday, June 04, 2012

Factors for Migraine Chronification: Depression & Anxiety

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As part of a series of articles about the transformation of migraine from episodic to chronic (15 or more days of migraine a month), today I'm talking about the third of five modifiable factors though to be related to the transformation of episodic to chronic migraine: Depression and anxiety.

Not only are migraine patients significantly more likely to experience depression than the general population, but depression among migraine patients is also a risk factor for development of chronic migraine.

By studying family groups researchers have consistently found that those with migraines were significantly more likely to also have depression than family members without migraine disease. Focusing on family groups allowed researchers to determine whether the apparent connection between migraine and depression was environmental or genetic. Their findings have confirmed there is a genetic connection.

Because of the prevalence of depression among migraine patients, its worsening of disability level among migraine patients and its observed contribution to development of chronic migraine, it is important to assess the risk of depression in all migraine patients and provide multifaceted treatment for the disorder.

Some of the most effective treatments for depression currently available are psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback, medication, exercise and light therapy. A combination of these approaches is ordinarily the most effective way to manage the condition.

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