Friday, June 08, 2012

Let There Be Light: Coping with Light Sensitivity: MIgraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge

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I'm participating in the Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge every day in June.

Today's prompt is: "Let there be light." Most Migraineurs have issues with light sensitivity. What do you do to cope with it?

My main tool for coping with light sensitivity (photophobia) is my huge pair of sunglasses that cover most of my face. If necessary, I wear them anywhere I go. I tend to keep them on when I go into an office or store with fluorescent lighting because that kind of lighting gives me lots of problems. I always have them with me when I do something outside and keep them on the entire time because I'm super sensitive to sunlight.

I also like Theraspecs, which I've written about before (Found: Theraspecs FL-41 Glasses for Migraines). Theraspecs are glasses with precision tinted FL-41 lenses, and they're awesome. Research has shown the FL-41 tint provides significant benefits for migraineurs. 

My favorite thing about Theraspecs is that when you use them indoors they give you the same protection from light as regular sunglasses, but allow you to see as though you aren't wearing anything at all. Sometimes sunglasses make it difficult to go about my day to day household tasks because everything is darker than it should be. That's not an issue with Theraspecs. (By the way, Theraspecs is offering free shipping in the US and half off International shipping now through Friday, June 15, 2012.)

Finally, whenever I travel I bring a comfy sleeping mask with me. Mine has a pocket where I can store my foam earplugs, so it's convenient for dealing with noise sensitivity, too. You just never know what the environment will be like when you travel, so having my sleeping mask with me gives me reassurance that I can control my surroundings no matter what is going on around me. My sleeping mask is very similar to this one: Bucky Eye Shades.

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Do you experience light sensitivity? How do you cope with it?

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