Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Migraine Movie Hero: Loretta Lynn: Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge

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Sissy Spacek & Tommy Lee Jones as
Loretta & Doo Lynn in Coal Miner's Daughter.
I'm participating in the Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge every day in June.

Today's prompt is: "Lights, Camera, Action." Pick a movie character you can identify with, talk a bit about them and why you identify with them.

The first time I ever saw a character on screen experiencing a migraine attack was Loretta Lynn in the 1980 film adaptation of her biography, Coal Miner's Daughter. I was only three years old when the movie was released, but I've seen it a million times on television.

When I think about the movie, I picture her as depicted by Sissy Spacek, sleeping all alone in the back of her tour bus. A migraine wakes her up out of a deep sleep. She grabs some pills, throws them back and swallows and tries to go back to sleep.

As a child I'd seen my dad with migraine attacks, so it wasn't the first time I'd ever seen another person deal with them. But seeing it on TV definitely burned the scene into my brain. And it bonded me with the idea of her I saw on screen forever.

In her autobiography she talks about how her battle with migraine disease impacted her career and relationships, even requiring her to take breaks during performances to wait until she left well enough to return to the stage. She says she started getting them at age 17 and that her father had them, too.

Migraines are the only thing we have in common, but I've always loved her not only because she seems like the sweetest human being on the planet, but also because I knew we shared the beast.

What movie character do you identify with and why? Please share in the comments.

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Coal Miner's Daughter
Famous Migraineurs: Loretta Lynn

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