Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On-Air Migraine with Aphasia Experienced by MLB Rangers Announcer

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2008 Kansas City Royals Game
TV announcer for Major League Baseball's Texas Rangers, Dave Barnett, suffered an on-air migraine attack with aphasia on Monday while calling a game between the Rangers and the San Diego Padres.

If you remember TV reporter Serene Branson's on-air migraine episode during the 2011 Grammy Awards, this is the same kind of situation.

Aphasia is the inability to use or process language, and it is a symptom of migraine with aura. Often people who don't know about aphasia are convinced it must be a stroke when they witness an attack with this accompanying symptom. They just don't realize the range of possible migraine symptoms.

While it certainly resembles what we think of when we imagine a stroke, I assure you it can be part of the aura phase of a migraine attack itself and nothing more. Anyone who experiences this for the first time should see immediate medical attention, though, so a doctor can verify the diagnosis. The same is true any time you experience a new symptom.

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