Monday, July 30, 2012

Cheering Up Online to Cope with Chronic Illness & Pain: 5 Links I Love

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One of the main ways I cope with my chronic migraines and other health issues is by cheering myself up when I start feeling low. I love watching movies and TV shows that making me laugh and collecting links to articles, photos and videos of cute and funny things online. It can be anything that makes me smile, really: Adorable animals or kids, jokes, fortuitous moments caught on film, satire, memes, you name it.

Without further ado, here is a list of five things online that never fail to cheer me up.

(1) 13 Simple Steps to Get You Through a Rough Day

Taken individually, most of Buzzfeed's list of 13 items would fail to leave a lasting impression in your mind. But compiled together I challenge anyone to remain sad and stoic. You'll probably laugh, but I guarantee you'll grin at a bare minimum. It's got everything: animals, kids, pop culture, weirdos and more animals.

(2) My "Cuteness" Pinterest Board

Anytime I see an adorable photo of an animal or child, whether on Pinterest or any other site, I pin it to this board so I have tons of photos to cheer me up all in one easy to access place. A Pug dressed as Yoda? An English Bulldog puppy in a mail box? A toddler dressed up like the guy from Up? Don't mind if I do!

(3) Animals Doing People Things

This site is pretty self explanatory. It's a Tumblr account full of photos of animals doing things humans do. Who wouldn't get a kick out of seeing photos of pets in Halloween costumes, wigs, seatbelts or hats?

(4) Literally Unbelievable

In case you don't already know, in which case you probably won't appreciate this link, The Onion is a satirical website / newspaper. Not only is it hilarious in and of itself, but it's also great fun when people think its headlines and articles are real and post about them on Facebook. It's even more fun when those same people seem to not know what the word satire means.

(5) White Whine

White Whine is similar to Stuff White People Like, only it's better because it features real screen caps of (mostly) wealthy white people complaining about total first world problems without any awareness they're doing so. It makes me feel morally superior, which always cheers me up.

What cheers you up? What do you keep in your back pocket to cope with those really bad days?

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