Friday, August 24, 2012

Advocating for Another Carnival: Surprise!

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Tuesday, August 21st, through Tuesday, August 28th, I'm participating in WEGO Health's Advocating for Another Carnival.

Learn more about how to join us here: Look for A4A Carnival posts by following this hashtag on Twitter: #A4AMonth.

There are prompts for parents, caregivers, health activists and people who prefer to participate through social media, not blogging. A little something for everyone.

Today's Prompt: August 24 • Day 4: Surprise! Bet you didn’t know...
Today’s post theme is all about the reveal. What’s something people would be surprised to know about your life as a Health Activist, your community, or condition. Uncover it and elaborate upon in stream-of-consciousness-style.

Whether this will actually come as a surprise to anyone given that I'm incredibly open about everything in my life, including my challenges, I don't know, but I sometimes find it incredibly difficult to take the same advice I give my readers about how to stand up for themselves in difficult, emotionally charged situations.

I recently shared how lame I felt when I didn't want to rock the boat by using a shuttle for disabled people and VIPs at an event I went to with my parents. They had to convince me the shuttle was there for me as much as for someone in a wheelchair. I felt like a completely fraud as an advocate for others. (see A Chronic Invisible Illness Fraud)

But the cool thing about going through experiences like that, then sharing them with you guys, is that through my own stubborn inability to stand up for myself and ask for what I need, I can show you guys how silly it is to sweat things like that. Especially because the likelihood of someone calling me out and telling me to leave the shuttle was miniscule. It seems almost silly in retrospect.

I think it also demonstrates that we all struggle, even those who may seem like they have it all figured out. There never has been and never will be a point in time where I can say, "I got it!" I'm perfect at living with migraine disease and there is officially nothing left for me to learn. There is always something to learn in life. There are always ways to continue to grow and become a more authentic version of the person you are meant to be.

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