Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Advocating for Another Carnival: Favorite Things About Migraine Community

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Tuesday, August 21st, through Tuesday, August 28th, I'm participating in WEGO Health's Advocating for Another Carnival. 

Learn more about how to join us here: Look for A4A Carnival posts by following this hashtag on Twitter: #A4AMonth.

There are prompts for parents, caregivers, health activists and people who prefer to participate through social media, not blogging. A little something for everyone.

Today's Prompt: August 22 • Day 2: These are A Few of My Favorite Things Post
List time! Write 5-10 of your favorite things about your community. Celebrate their uniqueness and be sure to tell us why those are your favorite things.

  • I adore the willingness of the migraine community to share information, experiences, the names of good treatment providers and anything else another community member needs.
  • No matter what someone is going through personally, when someone else in the community reaches out in need of support, it's available. Even though most of us haven't met in real life, we're a support system for each other that we can access anytime we need to. That's really cool.
  • We're awesome at celebrating each other's successes. Even though it's normal to feel a little jealousy when someone else finds a treatment solution that better manages her migraines if you haven't, we don't let that get in the way of being really, openly happy for her.
  • Migraineurs are tough as nails. Tougher. I've heard many women state that they've experienced migraines more painful and horrible than giving birth. The fact that we can cope with all these awful symptoms and keep putting one foot in front of the other every single day astounds me. Obviously we don't have much choice, but I'm still in awe of our strength and fortitude.
  • I have the privilege of interacting with people every single day who make the choice to be as positive and hopeful as possible about their lives despite living with this debilitating disease. Not everyone with a chronic illness is able to do that (I remember that time in my life well), so I feel super lucky to know so many people who can.

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