Saturday, September 08, 2012

Football & Family: Fall is the Perfect Season

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I love everything about fall. The Indian Summer phase before the crisp, cooler weather arrives; the leaves changing; pumpkin everything, including my mom's Pumpkin Cranberry quick bread and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes; my birthday; my wedding anniversary; Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. So many things. But beyond a shadow of a doubt, the arrival of football season is the absolute number one reason why I love the arrival of fall.

Last weekend I went to the K-State home opener with my mom and dad. We had such a fun time. The weather was hot at first, then cooled down beautifully. Although the team's play was frustrating for most of the first three quarters, they finally settled down and kicked some serious butt in the fourth quarter. It was pretty much perfect.

This weekend Cliff is taking Saturday off and we're going to the K-State game against Miami. Going to football games with my husband is my favorite because it's one of the passions we share. I just know we're going to have an amazing time regardless of what my body does while we're there.

In an act of pure craziness that may leave me sacked out in bed every minute of every hour next week, we're also taking my father-in-law to the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday. It's the season opener against Atlanta. And while no one really knows what to expect of the team this season or this match up, the atmosphere in Arrowhead is always completely electric. It will be a great day. I'm so glad they don't mind me tagging along on their guy day.

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