Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Living with Migraine: The Time I Puked All Over Myself (Again)

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Earlier this summer I had the chance to go to a fantastic event near my hometown called Symphony in the Flint Hills. I had a great day on the prairie with my parents and their friends, but unfortunately by the end of the night the migraine beast took over and left me, once again, with the humiliation of puking all over myself.

When I was a little girl, I had some bad experiences getting migraines and throwing up on other people. I once threw up on my grandma in the car and on my kindergarten teacher on the school bus during a field trip. It was embarrassing, but pales in comparison to the humiliation of throwing up all over yourself as an adult.

A few years ago I threw up in a plastic grocery bag in the car on the way home from our college friend's wedding. The bag started leaking all over me and the car seat, but thankfully my awesome husband sprung into action and grabbed something from the backseat to put the puke bag in. I felt so stupid and childlike. So you can imagine how I felt when essentially the same thing happened to me again, only this time in front of people I don't know very well.

We were in the car on our way home from the event, and I was sitting in the front seat because of my nausea with my dad driving. He had smartly given me a large plastic kitchen-size trash bag because my nausea was so strong. My parents have been dealing with my migraines for way too long now. They're no amateurs!

When the inevitable moment came I was so grateful to have something strong enough to hold my vomit to use, as well as tissues to clean my face and hands. Unfortunately I was feeling so bad that I started to lose track of how I was holding the trash bag containing my vomit. Until I felt the nasty stuff splash onto my legs and skirt. Awesome. Once again, I left like a little kid. It was so gross.

Needless to say everyone was cool about it and my parents weren't irritated at all with me for getting puke on the floor board of their SUV. It's just so demoralizing to go through this kind of thing.

What demoralizing experiences has migraine caused in your life?

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