Friday, September 07, 2012

Why I'm Open About My Migraine Disease

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Deciding how open to be about living with a disease like migraine is difficult. For most people it varies greatly depending on who you're interacting with. It's usually much easier to be open and honest with immediate family and close friends than with employers or acquaintances.

I have the luxury of being as open as I want to be with anyone and everyone about my experiences living with migraine disease and my level of disability. I choose to be an open book online because I believe it helps other patients feel less alone in their experiences and breaks down stereotypes and misconceptions.

My family and close friends are supportive. My husband and parents do their best to help me. Although we've clashed in the past when I was incredibly depressed about my situation, we've come to a place where everyone understands and respects each others' struggles and limitations. I don't have many friends, but those I do have are genuine in their concern for me and our friendships are far too deep and well established to be upset by cancelled plans or other trivial things.

My part-time employer has known that I live with chronic migraine from the beginning of our relationship. They found me through this blog, so they obviously knew my story before they even contacted me about working together. In fact, part of the reason they hired me is because I live with migraine and can bring my personal experiences to the site in addition to my legal and advocacy skills and knowledge.

I don't anticipate being able to return to full time work outside of the home anytime soon, so I don't worry about what prospective employers would think when/if they find my blog and social media accounts. I'm also lucky that my family tries to understand the limitations imposed by my disease when so many families question other migraineurs and doubt them at every turn. Many of you don't have the luxury of being open that I do. I hope I can be a voice of truth about what the experience of living with migraine is like for those who have to keep so much to themselves..

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