Thursday, October 11, 2012

Migraines, Plans & Resentment

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Even though I work really hard at managing the emotions living with a chronic illness like chronic migraine brings up, sometimes it's downright impossible not to resent missing out on things I've been looking forward to.

I recently had plans to spend the weekend with my good friend and her family to celebrate her son's fourth birthday. I also had plans to see my family and celebrate my mom's birthday, too, while I was in town. 

Even though I know there are no guarantees with migraine disease, I was looking forward to these plans and hoping I'd be able to have fun.

The time I was able to spend with my friend and her family was fun, but unfortunately I had to take a bunch of naps on Saturday throughout the day and evening of the party. It was just too loud and hot and chaotic for my migraine brain.

Unfortunately Sunday started out even worse. I couldn't even have lunch with my family because I was so sick. I met them at the restaurant, but couldn't eat anything. Needless to say I wasn't much fun to be around, either. Thankfully part way through the meal I started to feel better and my drive home was much better than I was worried it would be.

The bright side of all this is that at least I was able to go. The trip required a long drive both ways, and I was able to make it there and back safely. But I hate that I had to go off on my own so much to try to manage my migraine and that I was such a zombie for my mom's birthday lunch. I just wanted it to be different.

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