Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Trifecta of Facebook Whining

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The whining of an acquaintance on Facebook recently just about sent me off the deep end. People say things that annoy us online all the time. Even people we love. It's just a part of social media, and a small price to pay considering how awesome the whole thing can be. Unfortunately, this girl managed to hit my trifecta of obnoxious whines.

It might have been easier for me to let it roll off my back if this was the first time she'd complained about this stuff. But it was far from it, unfortunately. And the particular topics involved hit too close to home for me. I kept my thoughts to myself at the time, but now I'm venting for all I'm worth.

The Trifecta:

(1) Pregnancy & all that goes with it - I have no doubt pregnancy can be uncomfortable and painful. But you've been blessed with fertility. On behalf of myself and all the other infertile Myrtles out there, kindly STFU about it. We'd give almost anything to trade places with you, gladly including the discomfort and pain.

(2) Gestational diabetes - Again, this is a very, very difficult diagnosis to cope with, particularly given that the stakes are so high you don't feel as though you have any time to adjust the way you do with a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. In fact, when I've learned of friends receiving this diagnosis I've bent over backwards to recommend articles, books and websites for support because I know how scared and overwhelmed they must feel. But at the end of the day, sweetheart, you'll have this for a maximum of 40 weeks. I'll have Type 2 diabetes forever. And sometimes it really sucks.

(3) Run of the mill sickness - Those of us who live with debilitating chronic illnesses and never feel good often find it difficult to stomach the complaints of people dealing with a run of the mill cold or flu. Yes, it sucks, but it will go away. Suck it up, whiner.

As a related matter, I'm not the audience for your complaints about having to give up certain foods for the rest of your pregnancy. You can't imagine what I've had stolen from me. Honestly, you just can't.

Over the past few days my irritation and resentment have slowly started to fade. I only wish I'd been able to muster a more compassionate reaction to what I read from the beginning. I'm not proud of being this annoyed.

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