Thursday, April 25, 2013

Favorite Migraine Resources Migraine Chat Transcript

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Last night we had a fantastic online Migraine Chat. Each one is a little bit different and based on the topic and the direction of the discussion some Chats end up being more personal than others.

The topic of last night's chat was: Favorite headache disorders resources: blogs, books, Tweeters, websites, etc.

Not only is this a much less personal subject than many other Chat themes, all the information we discussed is of interest to a wide audience of people living with Migraine and other Headache Disorders.

With that consideration in mind I put together an archived chat that anyone can access so you can look up all the books, websites, blogs and other social media accounts we shared with each other at your leisure.

You can access the archived April 24, 2013 Migraine Chat transcript here:

 Migraine Chat - April 24, 2013

There isn't always a transcript available for Migraine Chat because I believe some topics don't meet the above discussed criteria. I'm trying to use my best judgment to share good information while not making anyone feel uncomfortable for having chosen to open up during a Migraine Chat.

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