Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Just Keep Swimming: Resiliency: MHAM Blog Challenge #4

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Today's Migraine & Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge prompt is: Finding Nemo: "Just keep swimming": How do you keep going in life when Migraine or another Headache Disorder deals you a difficult set back?

Unfortunately when you live with chronic, debilitating health conditions, set backs and extra super difficult times are inevitable. But the great thing about living with Chronic Migraine for 10 years now is that I have a much better ability to cope with those situations because I've been through so many of them in that time.

I usually start by giving myself some room to be upset and feel sorry for myself. It's natural to feel that way. The key is not allowing yourself to get stuck there. So knowing what helps you to move past that phase is incredibly important. 

Here are some of the things I try to make myself do to start moving forward:
  • Get myself out of the house to do even the most simple things, such as errands. 
  • Make plans with family, friends or even just my husband. I never actually WANT to do anything when I'm struggling, but it always helps.
  • Take good care of myself by making healthy food choices and moving my body.
  • Soak up the love and affection my furbabies are always ready to give me.
  • Utilize aromatherapy. Citrus essential oils are incredibly uplifting. Two of my favorite combinations are lavender & lime and red mandarin & lemongrass.
  • Laugh. Watching some of my favorite funny shows and movies gives me a nice mood boost. 
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