Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Migraine Memory Failure: MHAM Blog Challenge #26

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The prompt for day #26 of the Migraine & Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is: Men in Black: Migraine Neuralizer: How do you cope with the way Migraine/Headache Disorder can impact our memories?

I have a double whammy of memory issues related to Migraine. I have trouble remembering things during all phases of a Migraine attack. Layered on top of this is the memory issues I still deal with from the preventive medication Topamax despite not having taken it for years.

Fortunately, dealing with these frustrating memory issues for some time has helped me develop some strategies that seem to help.

Write everything down

As soon as something pops into my mind, I record it.  I know I can't count on my brain to remember it again, let alone at the right time, so I have to get it down and set a reminder or alarm to prompt me to take care of whatever task or errand I've remembered.

Utilize technology.

The free application Evernote has been life changing for me. I can use it on my laptop, phone, tablets, etc. I can even use it on my mom's computer when I visit my parents. I use it to keep do lists, passwords, reference information about blogging and social media and many Migraine advocacy projects and lots of other important information. Using the labels feature and different notebooks for different purposes makes it easy to find what I'm looking for.

I use all the features of my iPhone, too. I set alarms for Calendar items and use the Reminders app for everything. I have recurring reminders set for bill due dates and my am and pm medication. I set one time reminders for anything I need to do, including phone calls I need to make, conference calls, errands, appointments, etc.

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