Sunday, June 02, 2013

My Migraine Superhero, My Husband: MHAM Blog Challenge #2

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Today's Migraine & Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge prompt is: X-Men: Migraine & Headache Disorders Super Heroes: Who in your life goes above and beyond the call of duty and how?

I've said it so many times, but I can never say it too many: My husband Cliff. Sharing his life with a woman living with Chronic Migraine is not what he thought he was getting himself into, but he doesn't let it ruin our relationship or the life we've built together.

He's a wonderfully supportive partner. 

He becomes frustrated with Migraine and the way it controls our lives. I do, too. But he's great about not taking that frustration out on me.

Ten years in to our lives with Chronic Migraine, we both know we have to maximize the time I feel well enough to hang out and try not to dwell too much on the other times. If we have to resort to plan B (or C or D etc) he doesn't worry about it. 

He springs into action to take care of me during an attack just the way my mom always has. He doesn't even flinch about coming home after a long day of work and cleaning up vomit.

But in writing this it occurred to me that in the years I've been blogging I may have created the impression our relationship is perfect by focusing too much on how awesome he is and almost not at all on our challenges. Believe me when I say we, like every other couple, have challenges. Luckily we also have a foundation of mutual respect and a deep commitment to making our relationship work. I honestly don't think I could have created a better partner if I was building one from scratch.

Now if only we could come into a huge pile of money so he didn't have to bear quite so much pressure of financially supporting us. But, hey, every superhero has challenges, right?

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