Saturday, June 22, 2013

Walk the Line: Migraine Triggers & Life: MHAM Blog Challenge #22

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The prompt for day #22 of the Migraine & Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is: Walk the Line: How do you balance the need to avoid your Migraine/Headache Disorder triggers with the equally powerful need to enjoy the things that give your life meaning?

99% of the time I respect the limits of my triggers, including exertion. But a few times a year I make a conscious decision to set aside these limitations so I can do things I truly enjoy. Things like football games with my husband, special community events or trips with family or my husband.

The way I see it, knowing that I've had Chronic Migraine for 10 years, my actual behavior seems to have very little impact on the frequency of my Migraine attacks. Though the intensity is sometimes affected, admittedly. So why not have some fun when I can?

Furthermore, even for those whose Migraines are not this frequent, what exactly is the point of being alive if you can't make a conscious, well thought out choice to do something you love? I'm certainly not saying you shouldn't practice good Migraine management most of the time. But it's also okay to make a choice to do something that risks an attack as long as you're not endangering your safety.

All we can do is plan ahead, give ourselves time to recover afterward and make sure we have everything with us we need to manage an attack if we get one. Beyond that, even strict trigger avoidance is no guarantee of a good day when you live with Chronic Migraine.

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