Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Opening up about another babymaking setback

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Credit: DeeAshley via Compfight (CC)
My husband and I received unexpected bad news about our babymaking journey early this fall.
Although I'm obviously an open book about any health issue that is mine alone, our recent babymaking news does not fall into this category. I know my husband would feel betrayed if I shared specifics, so I won't. And I know you'll understand.

All that being said, not talking at all about this latest setback has been really hard for me. The news has been a difficult blow for both of us, but he's not really a talker anyway. I am. After all, I'm a blogger!

Up to the moment when we got this news, I was doing pretty well coping with infertility. I'd been able to employ the coping skills that get me through life with Migraine, depression, chronic pain, etc. But this hit me like a ton of bricks. I spent so much time sobbing. Uncontrollably.

As I recently shared with a family member who is also dealing with infertility, I thought I was doing fine. So fine, in fact, that when she'd reached out months ago to suggest some books that she'd found comforting and helpful, I sort of blew it off.

It's all different now. I'm diving into to infertility memoirs. So far I've had the chance to read Nia Vardalos's book Instant Mom. It wasn't the best written or edited book ever, but I found it not only comforting, but incredibly informative. This was an important first step for me.

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