Tuesday, December 10, 2013

AHMA Conference 2013: Wonderful Experience

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I've been dying to find a little time to let you know how wonderful our first annual American Headache & Migraine Association (AHMA) Conference, held Sunday, November 24, 2013, turned out.

Although as a board member I grew increasingly anxious about everything falling in place the closer we got to the day of the conference, many people in attendance assured me everything appeared to go off without a hitch. And truly, nothing incredibly horrible or disruptive went wrong. It's just hard not to strive for perfection when you care so much about something.

All the way through the day I found the presentations to be informative and accessible for our patient audience. The enthusiasm of all the professionals who spoke was readily apparent. You wouldn't believe how many of them immediately volunteered to be part of the day when they found out we were officially able to move forward with our first conference.

Dr. Brian McGeeney, another AHMA board member, and I had the chance to lead a lunchtime session in which we invited everyone in the room to introduce themselves and, as time allowed, to share their stories about living with one or more Headache Disorders. As Dr. McGeeney predicted from his experience speaking at ClusterBusters Conferences, when we spoke in advance about how to handle our session, this seemed to be incredibly therapeutic for most of the patients and loved ones in attendance. I know it was for me. Despite standing up in front of the entire room, I found myself wiping away more than a few tears. Next time I'll know to bring a tissue up there with me.

Speaking from my perspective, I think my very favorite part was having the chance to finally meet in person fellow patients I've only known online and to connect further with patients I've only met briefly. That alone was so incredibly rewarding.

I hope even more of you out there will be able to join us for the second annual AHMA Conference in June in Los Angeles, California.

If you were able to be there in Scottsdale can you please share in the comments what you liked most about the conference and why you'd encourage other patients to try to attend? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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